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The Corona Beach


Bringing Corona's notion of escapism to a land of leisure online

Bringing Corona's notion of escapism to a land of leisure online

We spent a few days in flip-flops before realizing that capturing the soul of such an iconic brand would be far more challenging than holding conch shells up to our ears. We had to interpret and translate what Corona stands for, which is above all else...relaxation. But relaxation isn’t a picture of the beach. It is a hushed existence, a salty seaside breeze, a wave washing ashore at your feet. It is a state of mind. In this entirely serene, hassle-free, navigation-free land of leisure, you aren’t asked to do a single thing. At the Corona Beach, relax with a beer and enjoy the view from your chair.

The Corona Beach Reel

But you also command the view from your lounge chair. No matter which way you look, impossibly fine sand, warm blue skies, and crystal waters surround you. Wisps of clouds float overhead. And, naturally, there’s a bottle of Corona at the ready. It’s an especially tranquil vibe that no other beer can claim.

It wasn’t easy to pull off such an effortless experience. Now that the hard work is done, you get to kick back...skipping your cell phone into the ocean, drawing in the sand or turning Corona bottles into musical instruments. And if you cannot possibly unwind any further, we developed a lush island that builds off of Corona’s successful marketing campaign. Of course, if such exploration sounds too daunting, just enjoy. Nobody’s forcing you out of your chair.


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