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A match-making platform for ecosexuals to find their automotive counterparts.

A match-making platform for ecosexuals to find their automotive counterparts.

Our launch campaign for the first electric FIAT took on the essence of a dating platform. Because finding such a beautiful vehicle that was eco-friendly, high-performing, and affordable seemed like finding a dream match. We also discovered our younger "eco-friendly" target was the same demographic responsible for important cultural shifts, we believed we could reach them through playful tongue-in-cheek irony that could both undermine the old connotations of environmentalism while celebrating the newly mainstream value of being 'green.'

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An Electric Relationship

But how would FIAT build a match-making site, if FIAT actually did? Probably like this. In a market packed with ugly eco-friendly cars, our target's discovery of the stylish 500e would be something like finding true love. And since electric car ownership qualifiers resemble dating site questionnaires, we built an extremely niche dating site exclusively for "Sexy Eco-Friendly Italian-Design Enthusiasts." It also created a natural, cheeky way to talk about the car as a desirable, lustworthy match.

Rather than the conventional questionnaire, this innovative approach takes users through a painless and fun experience that's both familiar and new. Careful, jocular language and easy answers provide the momentum to disarm and capture the right information. Once users provide information, they earn a payoff: the perfect match. Users are rewarded with luscious body shots of the 500e, tempting financial incentives, feature descriptions wrapped in ‘Environmentally Sexy’ language, and a final sign-up helping them to ‘meet their ideal 500e for a hot date’.

Launched on Earth Day, EnvironmentallySexy.com was definitely one of, if not an industry first in terms of parody dating sites and certainly a first among the automotive ecosexual crowd. The result landed a few awards and even a writeup from CarConnection.com, but most importantly the 2013 FIAT 500e was sold out within the first month in California, its only sales region.


Web AwardsOutstanding Website – Gold

Telly AwardsAutomotive Internet – Online Programs, Segments or Promotional Pieces – Bronze

American Advertising AwardsDigital Advertising – Microsites, Products – Gold

American Advertising AwardsDigital Advertising – Video, Branded Content – Gold