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A richly animated website showcasing the art and science of vitamin-infused water.

A richly animated website showcasing the art and science of vitamin-infused water.

The folks over at Glacéau have one-upped Mother Nature by infusing plain old water with vitamins and electrolytes. We followed up by creating an interactive ecosystem that captured the personality of each flavor by conveying the vitamin-infused water as both art and science. And although users can't take a sip of their favorite VitaminWater flavor or try out the new Vitamin Energy drink straight from their computers, they can explore each and every bottle, flavor, vitamin and boost of energy to their hearts' content. With swirling particles and spinning bottles, each drink nearly pours out of the monitor.

Glaceau.com Reel

The Glacéau brand was already well established as our project got underway. The packaging was easily identifiable and the fans were dedicated. However, Glacéau’s personality was lacking online. We needed to evolve the brand in the digital landscape.

We presented a wealth of information about each flavor, but we did so with a pleasant, clever approach that fit into Glacéau’s cheeky personality.

Based on image research, we figured out how to abstractly represent vitamins, minerals, fruits and herbs. We then crafted a programmatic yet beautiful helix to present the various drinks. The trick was to communicate in an intuitive, convenient and visually appealing way.

By applying a strategy that made science not just approachable but entertaining, we redefined how beverages are communicated and depicted online. We carried Glacéau to an energized, humorous place amid a saturated market, and its fan base was given a digital space where they could further their devotion.

Each VitaminWater flavor page contained a "Try It" video – a snappy British-narrated call-to-action via megaphone that contained situations so absurd most folks wouldn't likely try. Among other duties, Oremland also designed and animated characters for each of the 15 flavor page's "Try It" video scenarios.

The result was resounding success helping extend the Glacéau personality digitally, increasing awareness immeasurably, and collecting recogntition and awards from some of the top juries online. However, its likely that the site's biggest achievement was aiding in Glacéau's purchase by Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion.


Communication ArtsInteractive Annual - Winner

Communicator AwardsAward of Excellence - Gold

FITCFlash Visual Design – Finalist

Favorite Website AwardsSite of the Day – glaceau.com

Favorite Website AwardsSite of the Month – glaceau.com

Design WeekShortlisted – glaceau.com

Pixel AwardsAnimation Nominee – glaceau.com

The Webby AwardsBest Navigation / Structure – Honoree

The Webby AwardsBest Use of Animation Motion Graphics – Honoree

The Webby AwardsBest Visual Design - Function – Honoree