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Spider‑Man: Miles Morales

Marvel | Sony Interactive Entertainment

A campaign to launch a new superhero in a new game for a new system

A campaign to launch a new superhero in a new game for a new system

After the announcement of the Playstation 5, gamers were eager for a potential follow-up to Insomniac's 2018 Game-of-the-Year Marvel's Spider-Man. What they weren't expecting was for the next installment to feature an all-new, lesser known, lead character – Miles Morales – to take over the mantle of 'Spider-Man' from world-renown Peter Parker. Our task was to develop a campaign that reflected Miles' challenge of becoming the new Spider-Man and to help drive digital and physical pre-orders for this PS5-exclusive launch title.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales TV Commercial

The key art, while reminiscent of its PS4 predecessor compositionally, shows off Miles' new Venom Strike ability and highlights the details of his new Spidey suit.

We constructed a brand style guide to keep the "Be Greater Be Yourself" campaign's visual style as consistent as possible across all mediums and all campaign tactics, logo and tagline lockups, spacing, endcard treatments, typography, color and appropriate usage.

As a lead up to release and to entice social media users, we created a product beauty shot representing the content available in the upcoming various special editions for both the PS4 and PS5.

The video series "Friend from Home" invited fans to experience a candid view of the title's main characters through one of their most personal modes of communication, their text message conversations. This brought viewers directly into the game's world offering insight into the upcoming plotline as well as the relationship dynamics between Miles, his mentor Peter Parker, his best pal and confidant Genke Lee, as well as his mother Rio Morales.

Peter Parker Talks Heroics with Miles Morales

Genke Lee Hypes Up Miles Morales

Rio Morales Balances Dual Lives with Miles Morales

Based on a screenshot of an in-game header and chat bubble, we designed and animated bits of a small operating system including stickers, link styles, interstitial phone states, emojis, pictures, social media posts and of course gifs.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold 4.2 Million copies from its release on November 20th, 2020 to January 1st, 2021 and is projected to sell a lot more throughout 2021. Keep it up Miles!