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Old School Gaming Meets
New School Technology

Old School Gaming Meets
New School Technology

Charging your phone at the LA Autoshow isn't the most fun activity in the world. And because waiting for your phone to charge is the new watching paint dry, we made a FIAT 500X-branded interactive touchscreen game for people to play as they passed the time.

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But we didnt stop there. When arcade games were en vogue, getting a high score and putting in your three initials was everything. And making it to the leaderboard sometimes justified physically dragging a friend over to the arcade cabinet for them to witness your acheivement. But nowawadays we use social media to do the same type of bragging. Anyone who made the leaderboard was not only able to put in their initials (presumably to boast at the Auto Show), but also had the ability to share their score along with a selfie via built in camera to facebook and or twitter.

Each touch screen phone charger arcade system also preemptively displayed FIAT's upcoming Super Bowl Commercial "The Blue Pill" while idle. The game itself was a success, clocking in with a 98% follow through rate for those who began a game.