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A creator's series that's bigger, more
powerful, and ready for action.

A creator's series that's bigger, more powerful, and ready for action.

Not all FIAT fans watch in-depth auto-engineer videos to learn about the brand's latest vehicles and their parts. And neither do most potential customers unfamiliar with FIAT. Mostly because they aren't too exciting. So in order to promote the techncial aspects of and spark interest in the FIAT 500X amongst brand loyalists and new prospects alike we created the FIAT X-Lab. Part web series, part personal shopping experience, this digital video-heavy content demonstrated features and details of the FIAT's first All-Wheel Drive Crossover in North America in a fun, retro-futuristic, sexy, and ultimately entertaining fashion. It’s anything but your typical auto-engineer video series.

Dream Crossover

Downhill Rockstar

Myth of the Tigershark

The In-Laws

The Angelo

Featuring full screen interactive video content across multiple devices and resolutions, the short films appeared on both FIAT's YouTube Channel and embedded on fiatusa.com. The webisodes showcase the fictional “creators” of the FIAT 500X (the design lead, tech guru, etc.) along with their quirky sidekick and sexy lab technicians who put this vehicle to the test atop a covert, brutalist laboratory located somewhere in the Turin Alps.

Visitors who discovered the entrance to the full FIAT X-Lab experience via fiatusa.com's brand homepage had the choice of watching the video series, or visiting the X-Lab Concierge: a one-on-one, personalized question and answer shopping experience. Each department "expert" asks users to answer a few light-hearted, humanized questions in order to determine which FIAT 500X model is truly the right fit for their lifestyle.

Video clips from the webisodes were also spun off into loops, gifs and other social-media ready formats for deployment on the brands official facebook, twitter, and instagram pages.